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Decorating The Church

Serves: 0


You Will Need:
white Royal Icing
silver dragees
green decorating sugar
small gumdrops


1. Using the small round tube, pipe a garland along the lower edge of one side of the tower. Repeat making rows of loops, one above the other, until the tower roof is covered with rows, letting bottom of loops from one row touch top of points from row below. Working quickly, press a silver dragee into each point. With a small spoon, sprinkle green sugar on piped lines. Repeat design on opposite side of tower. Carefully brush off any excess sugar from walls and the flat portion of roof.

2. For windows and upper part of door, slice small gumdrops into 1/4-inch slices and attach slices to walls with dots of white icing. Outline the shapes to complete windows and door.

3. Using the star tube, decorate the front of the tower and around the bell opening. Pipe along ridge of roof tower, along top of back and side walls and along corners decorate with a row of stars if desired.

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