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Decorating Grandma's House

Serves: 0


You will need:
white and small amounts of green and red Royal Icing
small gumdrops, mint wafers or candy coating wafers
waxed paper
wooden picks
small spatula


1. Using the round tube and white icing, outline shapes of door and windows. Outline corners of house with small white dots.

2. Using the star tube and green icing, make garlands over the door and windows. For a wreath on the door, make a circle of small stars with icing. For the front porch, pipe large stars on each side to resemble shrubs. If desired, pipe a design around the base of the house using green or white icing.

3. Using the round tube and red icing, pipe small dots on the garland and wreath to resemble berries.

4. Using a small spatula and white icing, spread a thin layer of icing on the roof. Place rows of small gumdrops, wafers or candy coating on the roof. Wait for 15 minutes to give icing a chance to dry.

5. When designs on walls and roof are set, place pieces of waxed paper against front and back walls to protect designs. Using the round tube and white icing, make icicles

6. When arranging house on styrofoam tray (see below), place porch in front of door.

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