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Assembling The Decoration

Serves: 0



1. Tie red or brown thread around each reindeer's neck, attaching small bells if desired.

2. Arrange sleigh and deer on a table top or the fireplace mantel. Surround with additional packages, curled ribbons, small pieces of artificial greenery, popped corn, or small marshmallows. Sleigh and reindeer can also be placed on a long tray. Cover surface of tray with granulated sugar "snow" and place in an area away from drafts.

3. To create "harness and reins," lace ribbon in-and-out through thread around neck of each reindeer, allowing excess ribbon to drape back into sleigh (see cover photo).

4. Fill sleigh with small packages, wrapped candies, small cookies, or Christmas cards. If sleigh is to be eaten, do not fill with fresh greenery.

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