24- Chinese Terminology

Serves: 5



abalone: Bow Yee or Bau Yew
abalone, dried: Bow Yee Gawn
agar-agar: Tai Choy Go
anise, star: Bot Gok

bacon, Chinese: Lop Yuk or Lop May
bamboo shoots: J ook Sun (or Soon)
bamboo shoots, pickled: Sun (or Soon) Yee
bean curd: Dow (or Dau) Foo
bean curd, deep-fried: Dow Foo Pok
bean curd, spiced: Dow Foo Kon
bean curd, watery: Dow Faa Fa
bean curd sticks: Faa Jook (or Joke)
bean curd sticks, sweet: Tim Jook or Tiem Joke
bean paste, red: Dow Sha (or Cha)
bean paste, yellow: Wong Dow Sa beans, black: Woo Dow
beans, black fermented: Dow See or Doe Shee
beans, sweet black: Dow Sa beans, red: Hoang Dow
bean sprouts, Mung: Gna (or Ngah) Choy
bean sprouts, soy: Dow Gna (or Ngah)
heche-de-mer: Hay Sum (or Sharm)
beef: Ngow Yuk
beef, white abdomen: Ngow Bark Nahm
bird's nest: Yin War or Yeen Woh
bird's nest, whole: Yin War Jon
bitter melon: Foo Gaw (or Quar)
broccoli, Chinese: Gai Lan or Guy Lon
brown bean sauce: Min (or Mien) See Jeung

cabbage, Chinese: Bok Choy
cabbage, dried: Bok Choy Gawn (or Gon)
cabbage, mustard: Gai (or Guy) Choy cabbage, Pickled: Horn Choy
carp: Li Yee (or Yew)
catsup: Fan Ker Jeung
cheese, Chinese red: Nom Yee or Narm Yoo
cheese, Chinese white: Faa Yee (or Yoo)
chestnuts, dried: Loot Jee chicken: Guy or Gai
chicken giblets: Guy Faa Chee chicken wing: Guy Yick
chili sauce, Chinese: Lar Dew Din
chives, Chinese: Gow Choy
clams: Gup Guy
clams, dried: Hing Yoke
crab: Hwa or Hy
crabmeat: Hwa Yuk or Hy Yoke
curry: Gar Lay
cuttlefish, dried: Muck Yee

dragon's eyes: Loong Nan or Loan Ngon
dragon's eyes, dried: Loong Nan Gawn duck: Opp
duck liver, cured: Opp Geoke Bow
duck, preserved: Y u Dim ( or Yo J urn ) Lop Opp
duck, roast: Shew Opp duck, salted: Lop Opp

eel: Shan Yee
eggplant, Chinese: Bok Ker (or Quar)
eggroll skins: Chuen Guen Pay
eggs, preserved: Pay Don
eggs, salted: Horn Don

fish, dried: Horn Yee ( or Yew)
fish's maw: Yee (or Yew) Toe
Five Spices: Ng Heung (or Heung New) Fun
flounder, salted: Yaw Dai Day
flour, glutinous Rice: Naw May Fan (or Fun)
flour, rice: Doug Mein Fan (or Fun)
flour, water-chestnut: Mar Tie Fan (or Fun)
fuzzy melon: Jeet Quar or Mo Gwa

ginger root: Sang Geung (or Geong)
ginger, preserved: Tong Geung
ginger, red: Hoong Geung
ginger, subgum: Subgurn Geung
ginkgo nuts: Bok Gwar (or Gwa)
ginseng root: Y un Sharrn

ham, Smithfield: Gum Wah Tuey
hoisin sauce: Hoy Sin (or Sein) Jeung

kumquats: Kum Quat

lamb: Yeung Y uk
lettuce, Chinese: Wong N ga (or Lung Gna) Bok
lichee nuts: Ly Chee or Lay Chee
lily buds: Gum Jurn
lily petals, dried: Bok Hop
lobster: Lung (or Loong) Har
long beans: Dow Gok
loquats: Pay Pa Gwor
lotus root: Lin Gow or Leen Ngow
lotus root, dried: Lin Gow Gawn
lotus seeds: Lin (or Leen) Gee

matrimony vine: Gow Gay
melon seeds: Quar (or Gwa) Gee
mung peas: Look Dow
mushrooms, black dried: Dong Koo or Doong Goo or Tung Kuo
mushrooms, button: Moo Goo
mushrooms, cloud ear: Wun (or Won) Yee
mushrooms, cloud ear, tough: Mook (or Mok) Yee
mushrooms, grass: Cho Cook (or Koo)
mushrooms, snow fungus: Sewt Yee

noodles: Mein
noodles, dried egg: Gawn Don Mein
noodles, fresh egg: Don Mein ( or Meen)
noodles, peastarch: Fun See (or Shee)
noodles, rice-flour: May (or Mai) Fun
noodles, rice (sticks) : Sha Ho Fun
noodles, seaweed: Yang Fun
noodles, wheat-flour: Mein Fun

oil, peanut: Far Sung Yow
oil, sesame: J ee Ma Yo (or Yow )
okra, Chinese: Sing Quar (or Gwa)
olives, dried: Lorn (or Larm) Gok
onion sprouts, dried: Chung Choy
oyster sauce: Ho Yo (or Yau) Jeung
oysters, dried: Ho See (or She) Cawn

parsley, Chinese: Een Sigh
peanuts: Far Sang (or Sung)
pepper, anise: Far J ui (or J eel)
pepper, black: Woo J 00 Fun
pepper, Chinese red: Far Joo
pepper, Szechwan: Hwa Jo
pickles, Chinese: Char Quar Kan
pig, roast: Siew Cee Y uk
plum sauce: So Moy (or Shuen Mooey) Jeung
pomelo: Porn Elow
pork, roast: Char Shew or Ta Siew

red bean sauce: Saang See (or Sharng She) Jeung
red berries: Gay (or Go) Jee
red dates: Hoong Jo
rice, cooked: Fan
rice, glutinous: Naw May

sausage, Chinese: Lop Chong
sausage, liver: Gum Gnun Yuen
scallions, pickled: Kew Tow
scallops, dried: Gong Yu Chee
seaweed, dried: Gee Choy
seaweed, hair: Faht Choy
sesame paste: Jee Ma Jeung
sesame seeds: J ee Ma
shark's fins: Yu Chee
shrimp: Har
shrimp chiPs: Har Peen
shrimp, dried large: Har Gawn
shrimp, dried small: Har Mi (or May)
shrimp sauce: Horn Har Jeung
snow peas: Ho Lon Dow
soy fam: Yewn She Jeung
soy sauce: See Yu or Shee Yau or Sho Yu
soy sauce, light: Sang Chau
soy sauce, dark: Chow Yau or Cho Yo
soy sauce, heavy: See (or Jeow) Yau
squab: Bok Opp
squash, bottle: Foo Lao Quar (or Gwa)
squash, Chinese: Fon Quar (or Gwa)
squid, dried: Dew Peen
squid, fresh: Yo Yee ( or Yew)
sugar, rock: Bing (or Bung) Tong
sweet root: Why Shon

tangerine peel, dried: Gor (or Gwaw) Pay
taro: Woo Tow tea: Cha
tea (black): Hung Cha
tea (green): Ching Cha
tea melon: Cha Quar (or Gwa)
ten-flavored sauce: Subgum J eung
turnips, Chinese: Lo (or Lor) Bok
turnips, dried: Choy Pin

vinegar, rice (black) : Hak Mi Cho
vinegar, rice (red): Jit Cho
vinegar, rice (white): Bok Cho

water chestnuts: Mar (or Mah) Tie
water cress: Gwa Jee Choy

winter melon: Doong Quar (or Gwa)
wanton skins: Won Ton Pay

boil: Po or Bo
braise: Min or Mun
deep-fry: Jow
roast: Shu or Siew
sauté: Lok
slow-cook (red): Hoong Shu (or Shew)
steam (wet) : Jing
steam (dry) : Dunn
stir-fry: Chow or Chau

dice (chunks) : Kar
dice (cubes): Ding
mince: Soong
mince (to a pulp) : Y oong
shred: See
slice: Pan or Peen

chopsticks (bamboo) : Fi Gee
cleaver-knife (big): Die Doh
cleaver-knife (small) : Choy Doh
cutting board: Jurn (or Jahrn) Bahn
ladle: Siou Hok (or H uak)
skillet: Wok
spatula: Wok Chan or \Vok Lay
steamer, bamboo: Jing Loong

assorted vegetables: Quar Choy
boneless: Wor
buns, steamed: Bau
congee: J oak
custard (steamed eggs): Jing Don
dried: Lop
many precious mixture: Subgum*
morsels: Kew
pastry savories (tea lunch) : Deem Sum
patties, pork: Shu My or Shew My
soup: Tang or Tong
spareribs: Pai Goat (or Guk)
spareribs, barbecued: Su Pai Goat
stuffed: Young
sweet-and-pungent: Tiem Shuen

* Means "miscellaneous ornament," and is usually applied to dishes which include many vegetables in small amounts.

The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook. ©1994 by Gloria Bley Miller.

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