Top Articles: Fun "Frosty" Treats

Serves: 5



January, at least in the state I live in, is usually full of snow, wind, and ice. After a cold day outside it is always nice to come in to something warm, fragrant, and delicious... cinnamon rolls! I absolutely LOVE cinnamon rolls, the smell of them baking is so inviting, and they are delicious warm from the oven or cold for breakfast the next day.

I thought that it would be fun to dress up your cinnamon rolls this winter season, so that when you serve them to your families they can be reminded of how nice it is to have a haven from the storm! If you don't live somewhere that gets a lot of snow, then perhaps these friendly, "Frosty" cinnamon rolls can bring a little of winter's chill to your house, without the need to break out a shovel!

The great thing about decorating your cinnamon rolls is that it is a great way to have your kids help in the kitchen! They will love helping to spread the gooey frosting and then carefully placing the eyes, nose, and mouth on their rolls before devouring them! Some of the candies I'd recommend using to decorate would be:

FOR THE NOSE: halved orange slices (the jelly kind that covered in sugar), a halved "Circus Peanut" (the really foamy candy that looks like an old fashioned peanut), or even a piece of an orange flavored candy stick-though you may have to go to an actual candy shop for that one.

FOR THE EYES AND MOUTH: cut pieces of a black licorice rope, cut pieces of black gum drops or jelly beans, or miniature chocolate chips.

I hope these fun cinnamon rolls will make you smile, and warm you up this month!

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