5 Day Meal Plan

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DoveTailing Tips

Double the recipe for the Frozen Yogurt. Use peaches in the Frozen Yogurt as your fruit. Prepare as directed, except leave out the peaches initially. Process. Remove ½ of the “vanilla” frozen yogurt (store in freezer in airtight container) to use with Meal 4 as the topping on the Peach Crisp.

Prepare the peaches for the rest of the week. Peel and dice 2 peaches to use on the Grilled Chicken-and-Strawberry Cobb Salad on Meal 2. Peel and slice 4 peaches and store for Peach Crisp for Meal 4.

When slicing the cucumbers, slice an extra cup to save for Meal 5, Power Salad.

DoveTailing Tips

Top the Peach Crisp with the Frozen Yogurt from Meal 1.

Any leftover greens from the Green Salad can be saved to use in the Power Salad for Meal 5.

DoveTailing Tips

Use the cucumbers you sliced for Meal 1 in the Power Salad.

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