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Volume III
July 15, 2011

Weekly Home / Cook'n & Eat'n

Answers in Your Kitchen!

By Alice Osborne

There’s an answer in your kitchen (TIN FOIL), to at least three annoying problems:

•Tired of stray drips of muffin batter burning onto your pan when baking your muffins? Protect your muffin tin by laying a foil sheet across it, snip an X over each cup, then pop in paper cupcake/muffin liners.

•Want an easy way to remove baked- and burnt-on food from a glass pan or an oven rack? Scrunch foil into a ball and scrub, using a circular motion, with dish soap.

•Wish you could paint your door without having to remove the doorknob and hardware? Just wrap them in tin foil and you’ll avoid all the splatters and drips.

There’s another answer in your kitchen (an APPLE), to the age-old problem of under-ripe produce:

•Ripen tomatoes, avocados, peaches, nectarines, plums, pears, and other under-ripe produce in half the time by putting them in a brown paper bag with an apple and close. Or put the whole bunch in a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap. The ethylene gas the apple emits is an effective ripening agent!

There’s still another answer in your kitchen (APPLE CIDER VINEGAR), to the common frustration of dull, drab hair:

•Restore shine after shampooing and conditioning by rinsing with two tablespoons of warmed vinegar. It removes soap buildup. Your hair will retain a faint scent for just a while, but you might consider the gorgeous shine worth it.

And there’s yet another answer in your kitchen (BAKING SODA), to the crazy-making challenge of removing crayon, pencil, and ink marks on painted surfaces:

•Rub marks with a damp sponge sprinkled with soda. This mild abrasive will gently remove the offender without taking the paint with it.

Finally, another answer in your kitchen - at least that’s where I store it (LAMP OIL), to at least two things:

•Remove the ultra-irritating gummy stuff that’s left behind after peeling away labels and price tags from newly purchased items. Moisten a paper towel or cleaning cloth with a little lamp oil, rub vigorously over the sticky stuff and watch it disappear.

•Wipe away black scuff marks off of floors (no matter the surface - hardwood, vinyl, tile, etc.). Again, just moisten a paper towel or cleaning cloth with a little oil, rub vigorously, and voila - say hello to a scuff-less floor!

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