Quick Read: 3 Ways to Get Recipes

This is a quick reminder for Cook’n fans — for most of you it will just be a refreshers, for some of you, you may learn something new and exciting!

In Cook’n, there are three ways to get recipes, and they all have their own perks.

Instant Capture

If you find a recipe online, don’t wait, just capture it! We’ve worked hard over the years to make this as easy as possible, and it doesn’t get better than the free Cook’n Capture Plugin. With this on your web browser, capturing new recipes is done with the click of a button, and you don’t even need Cook’n to be open! Just watch the videos if you’re still not convinced:

Capture on your phone or tablet:

Capture on your computer:

Enter Your Own Recipes

This is pretty obvious — you can add your own recipes to Cook’n! The big benefit of this is you have probably tried your own recipes, so you already know they’re good. If they’re not, stop cooking them! In any case, we work pretty darn hard to make this process easy and fast, and there are a lot of ways to do it!

Do you have a long list of ingredients to copy and paste into your recipes? Try Snag-It.

[in the blue text, embed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOEOZY90tZ8]

Do you have a bunch of printed recipes you want to upload? Try Scan-It.

Get Entire Cookbooks

Yes, you can buy cookbooks from Cook’n. In fact, the reason I’m writing this article is because of users like you. Apparently, our cookbooks are pretty good! So good in fact, that I receive email regularly just praising them!

If you are a Premium Subscriber, then you can download one cookbook for free every month! Make sure you take advantage of this awesome feature for your one stop awesome recipe shop.


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