The Great Lengths A Good Foodie Will Go for Good Food!

It was a beautiful Friday night. We were out and about that evening after my husband got home from work and Wing Stop was right in the vicinity where we were. Now, there is one thing you need to know about me and Wing Stop’s chicken wings. If I could choose my last meal on God’s green earth it would be extra crispy lemon pepper chicken wings from Wing Stop with their extra seasoned, extra crispy fries dipped in the house ranch dressing with a big old Coke.

I can’t even begin to describe to you the flavors in these wings—my taste buds are partying like its 1999 each and every time! This is a dry rub so the skin ends up being super crispy and the lemon pepper just shines! You have to get some YESTERDAY if there is a Wing Stop within a half hour of where you live. You just have to see what I’m talking about. And don’t you even THINK about ordering the boneless wings! That is just sinful. If you are at an amazing wing place, you get WINGS. Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets that your 3 year old would eat. You need that tender, REAL meat that you can only find on a chicken wing.

Wow. You can tell how passionately I feel about these wings, eh?!

Ok, well, since life isn’t perfect, the experience of ordering these wings unfortunately can’t be either. I’ll be honest with you—if you look at Yelp reviews for any Wing Stop they are often in the mid to low range for stars but it’s NOT because people don’t love the food. People are in fact obsessed with their wings. They are by far the best and anyone who has tried them knows this. The low stars are due to wait times. When you call and order them or order online you are told a wait time of about 20-30 minutes and a lot of times you show up and have to wait a lot longer than that. That is frustrating when the wait time is not what you expected.

So this particular Friday night I called and ordered the wings and she told me it would be 30 minutes. We zipped over to Target, grabbed a couple things and drove back to Wing Stop assuming I would just run in and grab them. Well, I waited inside the restaurant for 45 minutes!! I got to chatting with people inside because we have two things in common: we LOVE their chicken wings and we’re all really upset we have to wait so dang long to get them! One man said he had waited for an hour and a half! And the thing is the employees are quite unapologetic. Customer service does not seem to be at the top of the list at Wing Stop headquarters because all Wing Stops are this way. It is almost like they know their food speaks for itself so they don’t worry so much about the other side of the business. Yet we, along with tons of other devoted wing fanatics, go back time and time again knowing what could potentially happen because they are THAT good.

So the question is—what lengths are you willing to go to get your favorite meal ever? How long are you willing to wait? Are you willing to turn an eye to sub-par customer service if your food is amazing? This is the perfect place to air any and all feelings for us foodies. We’re here for each other. We get it. Share any thoughts in the comments below!


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