k Beating the Winter Blues

Beating the Winter Blues

Ever get the blues?? Instead of being all rosy? I know I do and that is ok. Staying blue though can be a problem and sometimes is quite a challenge to beat. Many people face the blues during the winter, especially since it is so cold outside and we stay inside. However, even though we get down in the dumps, we don't have to stay that way! Here are some things we can do to beat the blues and get that rosy feeling again.

First, get your blood pumping. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones for our bodies.

Second, eat some chocolate. Chocolate encourages the use of serotonin, which helps us sleep and feel better.

Next, get out those garden seeds and plan for those sunny days. Start some seeds now or buy a house/office plant. When we have plants inside, they have been shown to cheer us up, fight off colds, help us sleep better, help us be more focused, and reduce allergies. Something simple, but effective.

After you have eaten enough chocolate, get a new project going. Some of the projects I like to do are reading a fun book, sewing, cooking, or decorating around the house. When we are creating something new, we can forget our blues, and the motivation that comes with a new project can pull us out of the dumps. If you struggle with being alone, starting a new project is a good time to include other people or to take a class with others to learn how.

One other fun thing to do is to shake it up! Eat under the table instead of on top of it. Wear pjs all day or dress it up. Change your hair-do, buy a different style of clothes. Go crazy :0) Sometimes the blues sneak in when life becomes monotonous. When we shake it up, monotony is a thing of the past.

And if your kids are blue, try a museum, a new restaurant, or better yet, do some fun cooking. Our kids like to have backwards days, art days, and pj days (sometimes all at the same time!).

Last, try some Vitamin D. Studies have found that when we don't get enough sunlight (this is where we get a lot of our Vitamin D) we can get the blues. So, if you are feeling down, add a little bit of Vitamin D to perk you up. Or, if you want a more natural approach, go outside and get some sun!

Once you get all rosy again, please share your happiness with a friend, so we can all have a sweet and happy time together :O) And feel free to share in the comments what's worked for you, or a yummy recipe that has brought you out of the dumps!

Note: Sometimes, after trying everything we can, we still might not be able to get over the blues on our own. If you find yourself in that situation, please show yourself some sympathy and compassion and see a doctor. Sometimes our bodies really do need a more of a boost that we can provide at home. It is better to take care of yourself than trying to muscle it through. So, please know that these are ideas to help you out, but if you are truly struggling, please see a doctor, and not just take my word for it!

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