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Cook'n Recipe App

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• Easy Recipe Entry: Quickly add recipes with minimal typing
• Recipe Management: Organize and categorize recipes efficiently
• Shopping List Integration: Automatically make shopping lists
• Recipe Search: Search recipes by ingredients, cuisine, etc
• Recipe Sharing: Share recipes with friends and family
• Recipe Scaling: Adjust recipe servings with ease
• Meal Planning: Plan weekly meals with saved recipes
• Recipe Printing: Print recipes in a clean format
• Recipe Import/Export: Transfer recipes to other devices
• User-Friendly Interface: Simple and intuitive app design
• And much, much more!

Cook'n Fans have captured 7.8 million recipes and 45,000 in the last 30 days alone.

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Simply The BEST Recipe Organizer on the Market
by Julie Cioffi-Brawley

"And I should know. I have tried and tested every program I have ever been able to find to organize my 10's of thousands of recipes. Every program I ever found had one flaw or another that deemed it inadequate to meet my needs. I have been using Cook'n for a bit over 2 months now and with their excellence customer service team, I have found it to meet my needs unlike any other program out there!!"

Great App
by Mbaileybend

"I have been a MasterCook software user for many years until I found Cook'n. This is the best software I have ever used it so easy to capture any recipe out on the web even capture kindle cookbook recipes with ease. Very easy to find any recipe you're looking for in your collection and share with friends. They are constantly upgrading and making things easier. They are always thinking of how they can make it more user-friendly and other things to do."

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