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Great app
by June Petrafassi - May 16, 2019

"I have been using Cook'n for many years and love it. I refer to it almost daily and I have created 2 cookbooks of my own on it. I recently had a technical problem with it and was helped with my problem quickly and efficiently."

Best recipe app out there
by Tamra Beaver - May 14, 2019

"Cook'n is a fantastic program! It does so many things, I haven't learned it all yet. I love being able to put my recipes in and being able to easily find them, no more digging through piles of paper! I love the new feature where I can take a picture of my recipe and put it Cook'n. Still working on that! Another feature I like is being able to put in a recipe and see the nutritional information. Very helpful when counting calories or watching your fiber, sodium, or such. The support I have received from them is beyond exceptional. When I first got the program, I could call and actually talk with a person. That tells you a bit about how long I have had this. They move with the times and most is now done electronically, but it is still friendly and personable!"

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