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Simply The BEST Recipe Organizer on the Market
by Julie Cioffi-Brawley - July 30, 2019

"And I should know. I have tried and tested every program I have ever been able to find to organize my 10's of thousands of recipes. Every program I ever found had one flaw or another that deemed it inadequate to meet my needs. I have been using Cook'n for a bit over 2 months now and with their excellence customer service team, I have found it to meet my needs unlike any other program out there!!"

Great App
by Jennifer Geist - July 19, 2019

"Oh my gosh, this is the best recipe app I have ever found! I had boxes and boxes of my mom's recipes and they were a mess. I couldn't find anything I wanted. It didn't take me very long at all to get these organized. Dan has videos for how to do do everything, making it a cinch to use. Support is an email away and with the quick response time, I feel like we are friends now. Love this app!"

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