April Fools Pranks for Your Easter Holiday!

We have a double-whammy coming up here- not only is Easter on April 1, but of course, it’s also April Fool’s Day! This is definitely not an opportunity that comes up very often- so why not make the most of it by having pranks that are festive for both April Fools and Easter?

*Disclaimer- I don’t believe in pulling mean pranks; I think laughter is fun- but not at someone’s expense! If you think any of these ideas will make your kids sad instead of laughing- then just don’t ;).

*We like to put spring/gardening supplies in our kids’ baskets- and what kid wouldn’t want a package of “donut” seeds?? All you need is Cheerios and the printable found in the source at the bottom of this article.

*With a little pink food coloring and patience, you can turn your deviled eggs into little bunny feet! Not necessarily a prank, but fun (and adorable!) nonetheless!

*Wrap up grapes in Cadbury egg foil (or any chocolate egg that’s the right size). Your kids will be so confused when they unwrap that chocolate egg to find a big green grape instead!

*I’ve seen so many variations of this for Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day, but never for Easter! What kid wouldn’t giggle at this? Another way to pull this prank is to put a tiny bit of red food coloring in the water to turn it pink, and using your fist and a couple thumbprints, make two little bunny tracks on the toilet seat :).

*Replace the ice in your ice dispenser with jelly beans!

*If you have a lot of time and a yard, “peep” your yard! (Just put a bunch of marshmallows and peeps on sticks and go crazy!

*If you usually just set out the Easter baskets, make your kids work for them! Come up with a clever scavenger hunt, or simply set one egg in the middle of the family room with a clue inside that says the baskets are hidden and the kids have to find them!

*And while you’re busy hiding those baskets, get sneaky with the eggs, too! Mount your eggs to the ceiling with poster putty, and watch your kids have fun trying to knock them down with nerf guns, rubber bands, or piggybacks from Dad :).

*Speaking of eggs, fill some of them with unexpected items, such as candy wrappers or broccoli!

*For breakfast, serve, hard-boiled eggs- of Jello! To achieve, this, gently crack the bottom of the egg, pull off just enough to empty the egg, and immediately place the shell in a bowl of warm, soapy water. Once cleaned, pour warm Jello into the egg and let set.

*Fill a hollow chocolate bunny with veggies! (Put the smallest of holes on the bottom). You can also fill a solid chocolate bunny by digging out a little hole with a screwdriver- and then fill it with mustard!

*For a tastier prank, how about these “carrot” cakes?? Just bake your favorite cake recipe inside an ice cream cone and coat with orange chocolate melts. A few blades of edible grass and your beautifully deceiving carrots are complete!

You can have a lot of fun with your kids this April 1! Which of these ideas are you going to try?

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