16 Ways To Curb Your Cravings and Cut Down Snacking

Many of us have probably made goals concerning our eating habits for the new year, and one of the biggest obstacles to eating healthy can be snacking! You can eat healthy every meal, but if you can’t control the snacking there’s no point!

This is definitely easier said than done. But there are a few things you can do to help with the process.

1. Drink water. Sometimes we feel hungry when our body is actually trying to tell us that we are thirsty. Not to mention the fact that by drinking water you’ll literally be filling up your stomach- making you feel less hungry. And of course this is a win-win because not only will you avoid eating the junk, but drinking water has so many other health benefits as well!

2. Eat plenty of protein. Protein will help you feel fuller, which definitely helps with cravings. Start the day with a protein-packed meal and you will find yourself eating less throughout the day.

3. Distract yourself. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery! Take a walk, grab a book, sit down at the piano- find something to do to take your mind off your cravings.

4. Plan ahead and don’t let yourself get too hungry. If you let yourself get too busy and you find yourself missing a meal, you’ll end up ravaging through the pantry and you’ll eat calories you’ll regret later- all because your hunger got the best of you. Plan your meals, and if you know you’ll be running errands, will be at the doctor’s etc, take a protein bar!

5. Minimize stress. Many of us are emotional eaters, and stress just means more calories consumed! Find ways to keep your stress low- meditate, do yoga, get enough sleep, etc. Don’t eat your emotions!

6. Don’t shop hungry. It’s so much harder to say no to temptation when you’re already weak from hunger! And once the junk food is in the house, it’s much harder to resist. Use Cook’n to help you create your grocery list- and then stick to it!

7. Eat well when you can so you don’t get too hungry later. If you’re eating a bunch of empty calories for breakfast, you’ll be starving within just a couple hours, and it will be much harder to resist snacking on stuff before lunch. Make sure your meals are nutritious and filling to help ward off hunger.

8. Find a healthier option. Sometimes, we just really want something specific. If you’re having a hard time shaking a craving, try to find a healthier alternative that will satisfy! An apple for crunch, Greek yogurt for sweet, salsa for salty- find a healthier way.

9. Think it through. Before biting into that chocolate bar, really pause- give yourself a full minute to think through your goals and what you are trying to achieve, and then decide if that chocolate bar is really worth it. Sometimes all we need is a brief moment to gain perspective and our cravings can be tamed.

10. Don’t deprive yourself completely (unless you know you are the type that needs to go cold turkey). Often, if we cut out all the good stuff completely, we’ll have a weak moment in which we will binge wholeheartedly and without holding back. By giving yourself a little wiggle room and allowing yourself the occasional treat, your cravings will be satiated and you’ll be much less likely to go crazy.

11. Chew gum. Sometimes just that act of chewing and creating saliva can help curb a craving, but if nothing else- minty gum sure makes it a lot harder to want to stick junk food in your mouth!

12. Brush your teeth. Again, that minty freshness makes food a lot less tempting, but in addition, brushing your teeth can act as a signal to your body that eating time is over.

13. Head outside to get some sunshine. Sometimes we get a craving because we are lacking nutrition, and sunshine actually has vitamins we need! Not only will you be getting your daily dose of serotonin, but you can easily distract yourself with some good outdoor activity!

14. Set the timer for 10 minutes. You might find that after waiting 10 minutes, that craving is not so strong after all. Make yourself wait and you’ll curb many cravings without further ado!

15. Keep a food journal. Just the thought of having to write something down can sometimes help us get past a craving. But a food journal is also a great way at helping us recognize patterns and triggers. You can look back and see when you typically have moments of weakness, which can help you prevent them in the future!

16. Suck on an ice cube, clench your left fist and flex your bicep for a full minute, or take your forefinger and gently press the point between your nose and upper lip for 60 seconds. Believe it or not, some people swear by these methods to curb a craving. You may as well give them a try if you’re desperate, right?

What are your tricks to keep the snacking to a minimum and curbing those crazy cravings? Share your tricks with us below!

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