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Have you ever had a pack of eggs spill and break all over your newly purchased groceries? Or had a 4 pack of IBC root beer fall out of the car and burst- spraying the outside and inside of your car, as well as the entire garage with a mist of bubbly, sticky rootbeer? I have!! Unfortunately I had to learn the hard way- it doesn’t matter how much of a hurry you may be in, it never pays off to rush packing your car after your grocery trip! Luckily, with just a few precautions, you can avoid cleaning broken eggs off the Pack n’ Plays in your trunk and rinsing root beer off your garage floor!

For the most part it really just comes down to smart packing! Loading heavy items first such as canned foods or large boxes will help your softer items like eggs and bread from getting squished. However, be careful not to stack things too high- or you’ll end up with the leaning tower of crushed eggs. Hopefully your cashier/bagger knows how to properly bag your groceries, but if you are at a self-checkout, bag your groceries carefully to help with the ride home! Double-bag heavier items, don’t fill bags so much that they are tipping over, and keep fragile items like eggs or glass bottles for last so that you can place them in a safe spot in your cart and in your car!

If you find that your groceries tip a lot or you just want to be extra careful, there are several organization tools out there that can help you avoid a grocery disaster in your trunk!

This is a pretty unique idea! These have an average 4 star rating on Amazon, and are only $12.99 each! These would be a great way to keep your groceries upright, especially if you prefer paper bags over plastic. They’d work great for non-grocery items as well (I’m thinking things like soccer balls and baseball bats, especially since they are so awkwardly shaped!).

This is kind of a nice concept- a great way to keep things from sliding everywhere, and I love the fact that there is a cooler in the center to keep your meats and other refrigerated foods cold on the way home. It’s only $19.99, making it a very inexpensive solution!

This one is definitely a cute way to keep your groceries from flying everywhere! I like that there are not only 3 separate compartments for your groceries, but some small pockets on the side for wipes, notebooks, sanitizers- any small random items you have lying around. It’s also only $19.99, keeping with our affordable theme ;).

This one is a little pricier at $32.99, but worth it for the size and for the fact that it collapses! This is a great option if you don’t want permanent boxes in your trunk.

These are just a few of many options out there. What do you do to keep your groceries safe on the way home? Share with us below!


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