Best and Worst Food Trends of 2017

Think what you want about Millennials, but there is one thing that is true about them. They are the foodiest of all foodies. We love good food. My husband and I eat out probably 3-4 times a week and I feel like that is a ton but plenty of his Millennial work friends eat out 2-3 meals a day! Because of Yelp and other food reviews online we’re eating the good stuff too. We’re finding the hidden (or not so hidden) hole-in-the-wall, ma and pop gems that every city has.

One thing that is maybe not so great about Millennials is the really ridiculous food trends that have happened this year mostly solely because of sharing on social media like Instagram. Instagram is all about getting a really cool, beautiful picture even if you don’t even eat the dang food! I recently saw something on a show where a girl had a cute little cookie and a cup of tea and she took a perfect bite out of her cookie and then strategically placed it on her saucer and took a beautiful picture. She then proceeded to spit out the bite of cookie and then she smiled when she looked down at her phone and saw all the “likes” she got from her perfect cookie picture. Then she got up and walked away, not taking a bite or a sip of her food or drink. This is just sad to me.

Because of the socials media, we saw some pretty bad food trends that were probably only there because these foods were very photographable.

Unicorn everything.

Oh boy did the rainbow unicorn stuff ever catch on this year. Even Starbucks made a unicorn latte. We had unicorn toast, doughnuts, cupcakes, milkshakes, lattes, you name it.

Gold topped everything.

Apparently gold is actually tasteless so basically you’re just buying an expensive Instagram post.

Activated Charcoal Everything.

Just because something is a health fad does NOT mean it belongs in ice cream. Let’s leave the charcoal to the teeth-whitening and face masks and keep our ice cream separate, the way it should be.

Pumpkin Spice Everything.

The pumpkin spice craze has been around for quite some time but I feel like the craze just gets worse and worse every year. So much so that I was pretty anti pumpkin this year. I think I made only one pumpkin flavored thing this year. I was seeing signs for pumpkin spice this and that so much that I got my fix without ever really even consuming anything.

Plain Old Stupid Stuff.

This picture of an “avolatte” is the epitome of everything that is wrong about hipster millennials. I would love to meet the person that thought this was a good idea. You have two great things: avocado and some beautiful artwork done in latte foam. However, putting that latte INTO the avocado is just plain dumb. I think we can all agree there. I’d say this is trying a little too hard.

Fancy Sparkling Water

I’ll be honest, this is something I got on board with. My fridge is now pretty much always stocked with LaCroix water. Never has my fridge looked cooler than the shelves lined with a rainbow of cans of the colorful, 80’s inspired sparkling water. Especially when their names are as cool as Pamplemousse, which is the French word for grapefruit.

Let’s hope we actually have some legitimate food trends in 2018 that actually taste good and that people will enjoy their dang cookies too! :)

A Happy New Year to you all!!


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