How Cook’n Can Help You Lose Weight This Year!

As the new year comes around, we’re all busy making our New Year’s resolutions for the next year, and I’m sure for most of us that includes some goal or other about food. It can be daunting trying to adapt a healthier lifestyle or trying to lose weight, and food is a key part to that puzzle! Luckily for you, Cook’n is the perfect companion to assist in all your food goals for the new year!

One of the biggest challenges of eating healthy is the thought that goes into it! It’s SO easy to just grab a bag of chips or heat up a hot pocket, but it requires a lot more thought to come up with recipes that are low in fat and/or sugar, are packed with nutrients, are high in protein and so on and so on. If you can take the thought process out of your healthy eating, you’ve won half the battle!

A great way to do this is to create meal plans using your Cook’n meal template! I have a meal regime I will be following beginning in January, and the best way to keep myself on track would be to put all the recipes in Cook’n and create my own meal plan! Since I’m breastfeeding, I have to tweak the meal plan I was given, and I can easily add an extra healthy snack or two in my meal plan template and make it my own, which will make it much more realistic to follow!

I also love that the thought is taken out of grocery shopping! If I don’t bring junk food into my house, I’m a lot less likely to eat poorly. I love that Cook’n will create my grocery list for me based off my healthy meal plan. I can literally walk into the store, look at my Cook’n app and get everything off my list and walk back out without having to worry if I forgot anything and needlessly walk past those tempting aisles of cookies and chips ;).

Even if you don’t have a separate meal plan that you’ll be putting into Cook’n, it’s still a great helper with losing weight! You can easily access the nutritional information of your favorite everyday recipes, which will help you see which meals are low calorie, which are high in fat, etc. The best way to use this information would be to create cookbooks and/or categories with all your favorite healthy meals! You can even create different cookbooks and categories if the diet needs are different for everyone in your home (low carb, glucose-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc). And then you can easily make more than one meal plan if you have to feed your whole family but you’re the only one on a diet!

I also LOVE that you can print recipes or even entire cookbooks. Sometimes it’s just easier to have a hard copy in your hand, and you can easily print off your healthy cookbooks! And of course, we now have the social media aspect of Cook’n, which means it would be so easy to share your favorite healthy recipes with your friends and vice versa! You could even create a support group where you all swap recipes and cheer each other on! Because everyone needs a cheerleader, right?

I’m excited for the New Year, for my health goals, and for how easy Cook’n is going to make it for me! What are your goals for the new year? Share with us below!


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