What To Eat When You Have No Energy

One of the things I hate about summer is that complete lack of energy that often comes in the afternoon. The combination of the heat, late nights, and running around constantly all contribute to a serious lack of motivation to do anything in the afternoon- or am I the only one? ;) A lot of people turn to coffee, energy drinks, or caffeinated drinks to get their energy back up, but there can be a lot of health issues with these, and in general I prefer to eat my calories anyway ;). So what are some great foods to keep on hand for when you have simply run out of energy and just need a little boost?

Almonds. Sometimes I find that my lack of energy and sleepiness is really just because I have low blood sugars and need a pick me up. A healthy snack packed with protein, such as a handful of almonds, is the perfect pick-me-up. You can even pair it with some fruit (like an apple) to get those blood sugars way back up, and the protein will help them stay there!

Water. This seems simple and almost silly, but sometimes we are feeling droopy and sleepy because our bodies haven’t been getting enough water (which is very probably in the summertime!). Drink a cold tall glass of water and sometimes that’s all you need to do the trick!

Bananas. I love bananas because there is almost no prep work involved, and they are easy to carry around! They are full of vitamins and fiber, so they are great for giving you that extra boost!

Spinach. A small spinach salad may take a little more work than opening a banana, but the energy boost you’ll get from all that extra iron will be worth it! You can even throw some sliced almonds and apples on for a bigger boost of energy :). And who doesn’t love a fresh spinach salad?? :D

Hard-boiled eggs. These are PACKED with protein, making them the perfect afternoon snack! You could eat eggs any way you want ;), but having a handful of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge all ready to go will really help when you’re feeling a serious energy lag and just need a quick snack to boost those energy levels!

Yogurt. If you’re not a fan of hard-boiled eggs, yogurt can be another great source of protein, and a sweet cold treat on a hot day! (Especially if you freeze it! If anything, the ice cold will wake you up, right? ;) ).

Hummus. A quick easy snack, especially if you pair it with some baby carrots for added nutrition! Another great protein snack to level your blood sugars and give you the energy boost you need! And you could try a variety of flavors to shake things up ;).

Cottage Cheese. Another easy way to get protein in your system! I personally love putting in on wheat crackers, but combining it with peaches is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving while boosting your energy levels :).

There are tons of healthy options when it comes to needing an energy boost, so next time skip the energy drink and grab a handful of almonds and a banana! What are your favorite go-to snacks when you’re feeling a little lag in energy? I’d love to hear your ideas! Share in the comments below!

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