5 Day Meal Plan

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DoveTailing Tips

Prepare the marinade and add the ribs for the Day 2, Cider-Marinated Short Ribs so they can marinate overnight.

When cutting up the bell pepper for the Chowder, chop 1 extra pepper for Sautéed Spinach and Peppers on Day 2.

Buy a larger pumpkin and chop up the extra into bite size pieces. Save and store 2 ½ cups to use on Day 5 in the Halloween Pasta.

DoveTailing Tips

Take time to prepare the Apple Pie for Day 5. Make a recipe for a top and bottom crust, and one bottom only. Divide dough into thirds. Preheat the oven, then bake one of the crusts rolled out on a baking sheet to use to top the Chicken Pot Pie Soup. Remove and bake the Apple Pie. You can leave it out, covered with a towel overnight, or refrigerate, if desired.

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