Favorite Pumpkin Carving Tip Ever!

I cut off the BOTTOM of the pumpkin instead of the top!

That's right, you cut off the BOTTOM. Seriously. Don't you wish you'd thought of this years ago?

No more wrestling to get a lit candle down into the bottom of the pumpkin or struggling to light a candle that you've already placed inside!

Simply cut a hole in the bottom of your pumpkin, and remove that piece for good. Most of the guts will be pulled out with it, so you'll only have to give your pumpkin a quick scrape on the inside.

Now, go ahead and carver your jack-o-lantern like you usually would.

And when it's time to light your pumpkin up:

Simply set your pumpkin over top of a lit candle!

What do you think? This sure makes the whole pumpkin thing a bit easier doesn't it?

  •   happyhooligans.ca/pumpkin-carving-tip

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