Not Just A Spoon

Well Halloween is just about here. Hopefully most of us have our plans laid out, our parties perfected, our treats purchased or made, and our costumes put together. For some of us, our costume may require make-up we don't usually try. Did you know a spoon can help you with that? It's true- your basic, average, nothing special kitchen eating utensil can be one of the handiest tools to have around when applying makeup. Here's a few of the things it can assist you with.

Contour. Use a spoon to help you create a line for contouring your face. Just place the spoon on the apple of your cheek and run the bronzer underneath.

Apply Mascara. Whether you struggle with day-to-day application (like me ;D ), or want to use a funky color for your costume, place a spoon on your eyelid to keep it clean from those stray strokes that sometimes find their way past our lashes.

Create a perfect winged tip. Many a girl has struggled getting her eyeliner to look just right- but use a spoon to help you create the perfect outline so you don't end up with a big black blob on your face (unless, of course, that's the look you're going for with your costume;) ).

Fix broken eyeshadow . I have kids- so most of my eyeshadow has been shattered at one point. You can always buy more, but if it's Halloween night and you're running behind and don't have time to run to the store, add a drop of rubbing alcohol to your broken eyeshadow and use a spoon to mash it all back together. Let it dry and voila! Your eyeshadow is like new;).

Create marbled/spiderweb nails. Mix some nail polish in a spoon (using something thin like a toothpick or a bobby pin) to create a marbled looking puddle. Use some Halloween colors to create an almost spider-looking effect. Just dab your finger on the edge of the spoon for a clean manicure.

Keep nail painting clean. If you don't want to use the marbled polish look but are still painting your nails, just place the tip of the spoon under your nail to keep your finger clean for a quick nail paint job with no mess.

Curl your eyelashes. Heat the spoon with a blow dryer and gently bend your lashes over the spoon for a quick curl when you're lacking an actual eyelash curler.

Shape your eyebrows. Use the curve of the spoon as a guideline to color and shape your eyebrows with no fuss.

I hope these tricks help you with your day-to-day makeup (for those of you that wear it), or with your costumes:). And I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!


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