Ranch Chicken Pasta

Serves: 4

This is one of our new favorite dishes! The chicken was so juicy and packed full of flavor. It would be good on its own, but the creamy pasta really put it over the top.

Prep Time: 2 hours, 15 min
Cook Time: 20 min


For the Chicken;
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup ranch salad dressing
3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
2 tablespoons cajun seasoning
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/4 teaspoon , ground black pepper, or to taste
1 †tbsp white sugar, or to taste
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts halves
For the pasta and sauce:
16 ounces , bowtie pasta
2 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream (can substitute evaporated milk)
3 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tablespoon pepper
2 teaspoons cajun seasoning
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese


For the Chicken:
In a medium bowl, stir together the olive oil, ranch dressing, Worcestershire sauce, cajun seasoning, salt, lemon juice, white vinegar, pepper, and sugar. Let stand for 5 minutes. Pound chicken breast to 1/4" thickness. Place chicken in the gallon size ziplock bag, and stir to coat with the marinade. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (the longer the better). Preheat the grill for medium-high heat. Grill chicken for 8 to 12 minutes, or until the chicken is no longer pink in the center, and the juices run clear. Slice and serve over pasta.

For the Pasta and Sauce:
Cook pasta according to package directions.† Drain; set aside.

In a small saucepan, melt butter, add garlic, whipping cream, Cajun seasoning, pepper, and parmesan cheese. Whisk together on low heat for 5-6 minutes. In a large bowl, pour over cooked, drained pasta. Top with Cajun ranch chicken and sprinkle a little bit more shredded parmesan cheese on top.

Source: plainchicken.com

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