Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

Serves: 4

Healthy and delicious. Spaghetti squash is one of my favorite ways to have "pasta". I have used up my bounty of fresh garden tomatoes. Substitute for the canned. I don't remove the skins, Just cut them up and add juice and all. Simmer as below to reduce the liquid.

Prep Time: 30 min
Cook Time: 50 min


1 (28-ounce) can , Italian spiced tomato, , in their own sauce
6 tablespoons butter (not margarine)
1 medium onion, peeled and choppped
3 , fresh, minced garlic cloves
1 salt, , to taste
1 spaghetti, large squash
1/8 cup olive oil
salt, , to taste
freshly ground black pepper, to taste
2 , minced fresh garlic cloves
1 tablespoon , finely minced fresh basil
1 tablespoon , choped fresh oregano
1/2 cup , finely chopped onion
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup quick cooking rolled oats
1 egg
1 pound , lean ground beef, or ground chicken or turkey
1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese, to top


1. In large saucepan, melt butter.
2. Add onion and garlic and saute until transparent. Don't brown.
3. Add canned tomatoes with juice.
4. Using a large spoon back, mash tomatoes.
5. Add sea salt, to taste.
6. Simmer, uncovered while making meatballs and squash. Sauce will thicken while simmering.

1. Preheat oven to 400°
2. With sharp knife, cut spaghetti squash in half lengthwise.
3. Scrape out seeds with spoon. Place cut side up in baking dish.
4. Drizzle with olive oil and rub with fingers to coat.
5. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper.
6. Bake 40 minutes, or until squash pierces easily with fork.
7. Let cool, 10 min.
8. Use a fork and pull shreds from squash.

1. Meanwhile, mix all ingredients in a bowl using hands to mix and separate ground meat
2. Shape mixture into 15 - 1" round meatballs and place on baking sheet or in baking pan.
3. 25 minutes before squash is done, place pan of meatballs in 400° oven to cook alongside squash.

Top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.


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