Why to Love this Unusual Fruit

Let's start off by clarifying that this is also known as a vegetable. Nope, not a tomato. But, close. It's the fruitegetable that makes up salsa verde, and many other wonderful dishes. It's the tomatillo; aka husk tomato or tomato verde.

(If the tomatillo isn't crazy enough for you, wati until the end of the article! You're in for a literal treat.)

Tomatillos are probably not a staple at your house. They probably aren't something you've always got stashed in the fridge, or stored on the counter. Some of you may have never even tried one.

But let me tell you why you should.

The flavor

It's hard to describe, but there is a bit of a kick that spruces up the meal. I would not say hot, just special.

It's complimentary

Though I wish this food truly spoke and gave me compliments (that would make it a truly unusual fruit! And the best one out there, too!), I mean to say it compliments many foods. It isn't only for Mexican dishes, although it obviously goes well chopped into your taco salad or tostada. It also tastes wonderful on sandwiches, green salad, and even kalua pig! (I would even say especially kalua pig). I bet it would go with most meat dishes.

The texture

It's crisp and it holds its shape. So throwing it on something like kalua pig gives you a texture enhancement. It prevents monotony if you have a soft dish. Throwing texture differences does a lot to spruce up a meal.

They last!

From my experience, they last longer on the counter than a regular tomato.

They last! (Part II)

When a tomatillo is refrigerated, it stays crisp and the flavor is still awesome.

The health benefits.

DON"T FOREGO THE TOMATO, that thing is rich with nutrients, but the tomatillo plays its part, too. It has vitamin C, fiber, potassium, niacin (helps with metabolism) and it's low in calories and sodium.

If you were looking for unusual, check out these!

I've heard of a fruit in South America that tastes like cookie dough! Looking it up it looks like its called Lacuma. You can buy it in a powder form. Man, I've got to try that! A dream come true…My fruit literally tasting like my favorite dessert.

And look at this thing:

I saw it in a grocery store once. We bought it and opened it. Crazy looking, huh? We were not expecting the green! Sadly, I don't remember what it tastes like. It's called a horned fruit. Makes sense.

Give em' a try!

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