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Volume III
November 16, 2012

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Why to "Roll" With Rye

By Sydney Hill

Let me get one thing straight, this article is not to convince you to convert 100 percent to rye flour, it's just to show you that it is an option to try. I was typing up a rye roll recipe and it got me curious about why I would want rye. Is there any health perks to consider, or was it just a really good roll? There had to be more to it than that. Woah, there was definitely more to it than I thought!


Besides it's flavor, rye has health benefits to consider. The main one is that it's packed with fiber.

For 1 cup of medium rye flour, there are:
15 grams of dietary fibers

For 1 cup all-purpose flour, enriched and bleached, there are:
3 grams dietary fibers

Quite the difference, don't you think? Having lot's of fiber leads to other health benefits as well. It helps the digestive system, but they did a study where those who had more grain fibers were less likely to develop diabetes Type 2. Do I believe it? Yes.

2. Blood Sugars

Rye bread is less likely to spike your blood sugars. White enriched flour has the tendency to mess with your blood more. That's why they tell you to start the day off with whole grains and protein so as to keep them more balanced. Now I know rye is an option to help with that as well.

3. Good Bread

Apparently rye flour makes a less crumbly bread. It's more dense and stays fresh longer. Pumpernickel is a type of rye bread that they used to store for up to months upon months!

P.S. Looking at both nutrition facts, white flour shouldn't be completely disregarded. It did have slightly more protein and iron, but if you're looking for more fiber, rye is definitely a good option.

Whole wheat flour also had 15 grams of fiber, but then rye has that flavor that can't be matched. Choices, choices.


Flour image:

Bread image:

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