Bringing Europe Home

Food has such a powerful impact on not just our mouths and stomachs, but our emotions and memories too! It has a way of transporting us back to certain times in our lives- with certain people, or in specific places. I so vividly remember sitting at red-checkered table on the island of Mljet, Croatia, enjoying fresh caught fish in a lemon and herb butter sauce. I remember the smell of the ocean, the rock of the pier where we sat, and our attentive waiter, ready to help with our every need.

I have such fond memories of the time I’ve spent in Europe, and while I can’t hop on a plane as often as I’d like, I can sure re-create some of my best culinary experiences! Here are some ideas for meals you can create that will make you feel like you’re travelling the world!

  • Fresh insalata caprese on the banks of Lake Como, Italy.
  • Julia Child’s beef bourguignon will transport you right to the hills of France!
  • A beautiful pan of paella makes you feel like you’re sitting in a Spanish seaside café.
  • Weiner schnitzel- the a classic German dish.
  • Authentic Polish pierogi, with potatoes and cheese!
  • Make Greek chicken kebabs with tzatziki sauce, and you’ll feel like you’re in the islands.
  • A delicious Hungarian goulash to bring you back to Budapest.

    Stefanie Hathaway
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