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Volume III
March, 2011

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Spicing Up Your Soap

I really enjoyed the video on soap making. It has been a passion of mine for several years. A couple of tips for those who like their soaps scented. Once the soap as been poured into the mold and cooled a bit but before it has set, you can add about 4-5 drops of your favorite scent to it and stir w/a tooth pick. I have used my favorite colognes, cinnamon extract, lemon extract, peppermint extract and even a bit of vanilla with good results. You can scent the entire batch before pouring it but, high heat will cause the scents to dissipate.

Another hint that the grandkids loved was buying party favors such as plastic rings, butterflies, airplanes, etc. and as the soap begins to set, I push one into the mold. They love to bathe with soap when they know a surprise is waiting inside the bar!

And, you can add other ingredients just before pouring such as oatmeal that has been pulsed in your food processor and also Fullers Earth that helps in cleaning/exfoliating the skin. Camomile and lavender from tea bags works great also. Lots of different soaps can be made with a bit of imagination.

C. Kilmer

Hi Colleen,

Thanks you for the tips. I’ve never thought of putting a surprise inside the soap. Just goes to show you there is more than one way to get a kid to use soap. They would love it!

One of the great things about soap making is that you can do so many different things. I think I would like to try vanilla, another appealing idea!

Thank you for the tip about the fragrance. I’ve always added the fragrance & color just before molding the soap. I’m going to try your suggestion. Sometimes I use Turmeric or paprika (natural colorants) and sometimes I use paste food colorings and swirl them in by taking out a cup of soap adding the color and fragrance and then quickly mixing it back in to the soap just before putting the mixture into the molds. I think your method will be more potent. You are so right … Imagination is what it’s all about. Please continue to pass on the tips. We love hearing from you.

Happy Soap Making,


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