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Serves: 5



Many of us have fond memories of our family seated around a kitchen table laden with an array of delicious homemade breakfast items. Of course, before we could start eating, the first order of business was to drink a tall glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, canned orange juice concentrate or cartons of pasteurized juice have gradually replaced the freshly squeezed variety, and microwaved muffins come to be the only warm item on the breakfast plate. Although for many of us the family breakfast may be a relic of the past, millions of people are rediscovering the great taste and health benefits of freshly squeezed orange juice, as well as the limitless number of other fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

Today, juices aren't only for breakfast. Friends and business acquaintances look forward to meeting for a glass of healthful cheer at their favorite juice bar or at a restaurant. But the most impressive increasing trend is the number of us preparing fresh juice at home. Those of us who own juicers have discovered that freshly prepared juice is a treat at home for family and friends at any time of the day, not just before hurrying off to school or work in the morning.

Whether your lifestyle is busy or serene, juices allow you to reap the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet with very little effort.

I wrote this book to appeal to you and the millions of other people who have discovered, or who are just beginning to discover, the wonderful flavor and health benefits derived from drinking fresh juice. Most important, it was written to make juicing more fun and an exciting experience for both the novice and the veteran juicer. ULTIMATE JUICING (Juicing Basics) begins by providing you with all the information you will need to make your juicing experience most satisfying. You will find an informative analysis of the different kinds of juicers on the market to help you decide which one would be best for you. I've also provided detailed information on how to select, prepare, and store the choicest fruits and vegetables for juicing. Another section discusses the health benefits of juicing.

The rest of the book stars over 125 tempting recipes that I hope you will not only enjoy but will also use as an inspiration to create your own taste treats. Whether you are a first-time juicer or an expert, you will be delighted with the chapter "Back to Basics: Classic Juice Combinations." It includes a multitude of fruit and vegetable combinations that will introduce you to the artistry of blending juices. Once you have experienced the ease of making these juices and the delicious results, you will be on your way to creating your own masterpieces.

The chapter "Power Juices for Your Health" is devoted to juices that are designed to be still healthier than most. How can that be possible when fresh juices are already so naturally healthful? In these recipes, you will see how easy it is to add health-enhancing supplements to juice without appreciably changing its taste or consistency. For example, Ginseng in the Rain is a delightful combination of raspberries, apple, cantaloupe, and health-promoting ginseng. You will also find a detailed discussion of the role of wheatgrass in juicing, followed by several enticing recipes. I must admit that I was very skeptical of how wheatgrass juice would taste and concerned that I might not react well to it. To my pleasant surprise, I found the taste appealing and the effect (an energy boost) exhilarating. In fact, one of my favorite recipes is Wheatgrass Hopper, a simple combination of pineapple juice and wheatgrass. This delightful combination has now become a regular treat for me.

The chapter "Excitement in a Glass: Exotic Juices in Your Own Kitchen," will introduce to you juices that are a bit out of the ordinary. You will discover how exciting it can be to add a zesty condiment or spice to your own creation or to incorporate an unusual fruit or vegetable. So, treat yourself to a glass of The Beet Goes On, made with beet, carrot, yam, garlic, and ginger, or for a sweet indulgence, try First Mango on the Moon, made with mango, pineapple, and lime. Once you have enjoyed these exotic delights, experiment a bit by adding or substituting one more interesting ingredient. What you will soon begin to realize is that you have hidden creative talents you never knew existed.

The chapter "Shaken but Not Stirred: Juicing Cocktails" was great fun in the making. Many alcoholic drinks include a healthful dose of fresh juice. Most often, the canned or bottled variety is used for the ease of it and to save time. However, once you have tasted a rum drink, such as a Mai Tai, made with fresh pineapple juice, you will be spoiled forever. Serve the drink in a cocktail glass garnished with a fresh orchid, then relax and wait for the rave reviews.

Speaking of garnishes, you will be delighted with the chapter, "Garnishes with a Twist," which focuses on those little details that can make a glass of juice special. Of course, there is no denying that the most important ingredient is the juice. However, for those few occasions when a special drink is in order, this chapter will provide you with a host of garnishes with real eye appeal, ranging from a simple slice of orange to a more exotic Lemon and Cranberry Twist. These garnishes can add a dash of color, flavor, or interest to any drink, even a simple glass of orange juice.

Whether you prefer fruit or vegetable juice, or a combination of both, this book is for you. So discard those cartons and bottles taking up valuable space in your refrigerator and join the ranks of the millions of people who have discovered the satisfaction and benefits of preparing fresh juice.

From ULTIMATE JUICING: delicious recipes for over 125 of the best fruit and vegetable juice combinations. Copyright © 2000 Donna Pliner Rodnitzky. All Rights Reserved.

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