Serves: 5



As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, the cooks get cooking. In times of transition and change, there is nothing more cheering and healing than the gift of homemade food. Everyone knows the curative powers of hot chicken soup, the comfort found in a swirl of mashed potatoes, and the sweet bliss of a chocolate brownie. These are dishes people crave in times of need.

Here is a collection of recipes to suit every taste and hour. Chosen from some of our favorite cookbooks, these recipes will help you find the perfect dish to make for friends who need some special attention. Pick from among four different chicken soups for a relative who's feeling under the weather. Make a simple lasagna for a sleep-deprived couple with a baby just home from the hospital. Carry a batch of chocolate chip cookies warm from the oven to new neighbors who have yet to unpack their house.

Some recipes can be made ahead of time, and others can be made in a hurry. Many make enough for leftovers and some can be easily frozen. We've included recipes for the whole family, grown-ups and kids, meat eaters and vegetarians. You'll find recipes for soothing soups comforting casseroles flavorful braises and roasts wonderful vegetables and sumptuous sweets that can be transported with care. To make the trip even smoother, whenever possible, we've provided tips on preparing dishes in advance and reheating them.

Although this book is organized by courses, craving is the guiding principle. The best comfort food is one that a friend can eat any time of the day. A slice of fudge cake at 10:00 a.m. can be the perfect thing to brighten a gloomy morning. A warm bowl of mashed potatoes might be all a friend wants for dinner. Choose from one or more of the chapters to make just the dish or dishes you think will be the most comforting for the recipient to have on hand, from the light and healthful to the seriously indulgent.

We have tried to pick a range of tasty recipes from our large list of Chronicle cookbooks to send from our house to yours. We hope that this collection makes cooking to give and share as comforting to you as the dishes you make are to your friends.

From From Our House To Yours. Compilation copyright © 2002 by Chronicle Books LLC. Foreword copyright © 2002 by Joyce Goldstein. Photographs copyright © 2002 by E.J. Armstrong. All rights reserved. First published by Chronicle Books LLC, San Francisco, California.

This 02-Introduction recipe is from the From Our House to Yours Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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