Indian "Baked Beans" / Dal Bukhara

Serves: 8
Total Calories: 153


1 cup beans, dried whole gram or mung (8 ounces)
4 cups water
1 tomato, large, ripe, fresh
1 tablespoon ginger, grated fresh
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 onion, medium, minced
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 teaspoons coriander, ground
1 teaspoon salt, or more to taste
1/2 teaspoon black pepper, ground, or more to taste
1/4 - 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, or more to taste
6 tablespoons butter, unsalted
1/2 cup cream, heavy


1. Spread out the beans on a baking sheet and pick out and discard any twigs or stones. Place the beans in a large bowl and add cold water to cover by 3 inches. Swirl the beans with your fingers, then pour through a strainer to drain. Repeat the process another 3 or so times.

2. Place the beans in a pressure cooker and add the 4 cups water. Pressure-cook over medium heat until you hear an even hiss and the valve in the lid dances in a lively fashion, about 10 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, core and cut the tomato into chunks. Place the tomato in a food processor and process until puréed.

4. Cool the cooker completely (top and sides) under cold running water for 5 minutes, then remove the lid.

5. Stir the ginger, garlic, onion, puréed tomato, tomato paste, coriander, 1 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon pepper, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne, and 4 tablespoons of the butter into the beans. Pressure-cook again until the beans are reduced to a thick, creamy purée, about 5 minutes (see Note). Once again, cool the cooker completely under cold running water.

6. Shortly before serving, stir in the cream. Gently simmer the dal until rich and creamy, 2 minutes in the pressure cooker (with its lid off) or in a saucepan. Correct the seasoning, adding salt and black and cayenne pepper as needed. Transfer the dal to a serving bowl and dot the top with the remaining butter. Serve immediately.

Serves 8

Note: The beans can be prepared several hours or even a day ahead to this point and stored, covered, in the refrigerator.

Nutritional Facts:

Serves: 8
Total Calories: 153
Calories from Fat: 121

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