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Why are they called strawberries? Well, berries + moisture = ROT! In the damp climate of England, strawberry growers knew that if they wanted to prevent their berries from rotting, they had to keep them off the wet ground. So, they placed straw around each plant. When the berries grew, they landed right on the straw, which prevented them from sucking up the ground moisture.
Did you realize that all strawberries are handpicked? They are rushed right from hands of fieldworkers into coolers where huge fans pull out the field heat. The berries are then shipped in refrigerated trucks directly from the coolers to their final destination.

Cook's Note: Choose strawberries with a bright, red color, natural shine, and fresh looking green caps. Refrigerate them immediately, keeping them away from moisture during storage. Don't remove the green caps until after you have washed the berries, prior to use, or they will absorb moisture and become mushy.

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