Serves: 5



It's long been my personal philosophy that knowledge is of little use unless shared with others! Much of what I call "job satisfaction" since I traded my government job for an apron...and a computer, comes from watching folks learn that they, too, are capable of making mouth-watering recipes in a Dutch oven. Whether at a demonstration, clinic, seminar, or when folks watch Dutch Oven and Camp Cooking, I'm able to pass on what I've learned over the years to assist them in learning more. However, as a strong believer in "the written word," I feel books represent my best contribution to the world of Dutch oven and camp cookin'!

Obviously this book represents more than just my knowledge and expertise. Not only have many folks contributed their recipes but also many others whose names may not appear have contributed over time to my culinary education. Special thanks are due to Dave and Cathey McGonigal for not only sharing their awesome recipes, but also for their friendship over the years. Thanks also go to Dwain and Sandy Riney of Las Piedras Ranch for the standing invitation to cook for the special hunts they donate to benefit the American Cancer Society and the Texas Game Wardens Association Youth Hunt. My heartfelt thanks to Russ and Jill Karpisek, plus all members of the Wilber-Clatonia High School Czech Alumni Marching Band who appear in the cover photo, which has given this cookbook an extra special touch!

My son, Brian, and stepson, Matt Dykas, besides tasting the food, lugged Dutch ovens, caught the halibut needed for several recipes, and kept me laughing throughout the project. In addition, Gary Mitchell, again provided his technical expertise to complete the metamorphosis from manuscript into a book. Thanks guys!

I take sole responsibility for any errors or omissions associated with the recipes, whether my own or shared by a friend. The stories I've written are based on my own recollections and reflect the events from my perspective. To those friends who find themselves the subject of a Cee Dub story, all I can say is this, "What are friends for?"

Were it not for my wife, Penny, this cookbook would never have seen the light of day! Besides editing and publishing it, taking many of the photos, including the cover photo and back cover photo, she applied her own creativity to improve it every step of the way. Even as I finish this project, she has already started a file for the next cookbook. Thanks once again, Babe, for all you do for and with me. I couldn't do it without you!

This __Acknowledgements recipe is from the Cee Dub's Ethnic & Regional Dutch Oven Cookin' Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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