_Camp Sanitation

Serves: 5



o Buy anti-bacterial hand soap and dish soap for camp use.

o Pick up a couple of metal oil change pans from an auto parts store, and use them for hand washbasins. You can use cheap plastic basins as well, but the metal ones allow you to directly heat the water on your camp stove. I like to use one in the kitchen area, and the other for folks to wash with prior to the meal being served.

o Pack plenty of paper towels for camp clean up, and for folks to dry their hands with. It doesn't do much good if everyone washes with ant-bacterial soap, and then uses one small hand towel to dry his or her hands with.

o Remind the kids, especially, that just because they're in camp, to still wash their hands after using the lavatory.

o If you interrupt food preparation with other camp chores, like starting charcoal or splitting firewood, remember to wash your hands again before handling food.

o Keep a small plastic spray bottle with a weak bleach solution in camp to disinfect prep surfaces and utensils. Vinegar has antiseptic properties, too, and can be used as a substitute. If you use vinegar, use it full strength.

o When preparing poultry and red meat, always wash and disinfect cutting boards and knives after using on poultry, and before using them for other ingredients.

o To catch aerial insects, especially flies, set out an aluminum pie with 2-3 cups of a weak sugar solution and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. The sugar solution attracts insects. Adding the soap decreases the surface tension of the water. When an insect comes in contact with the water, they're more likely to be trapped because of the decreased surface tension of the water.

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