_Words of Wisdom II

Serves: 5



* Especially during the dog days of summer set coolers with frozen and fresh produce in the shade. Keep them shut tight. I strap mine shut with cam lock straps to get a tighter seal between the lid and the cooler. Only open them when necessary. To help keep things cold try an old sheepherders trick. Get a couple of old burlap bags at the feed store, soak them with water and drape them over the coolers. The evaporation will keep things cooler than the ambient air temperature. (Page 22)

* If kids are in camp try to set aside one cooler for their use. When they come charging into camp looking for a snack or a cool drink they won't upset the cook by pawing through every cooler before finding what they want. (Page 30)

* If you're camping in an undeveloped site become familiar with minimum impact camping techniques. (Page 59)

* No matter how good the weather has been, it can turn bad quickly. I cut an old pair of hip boots off just below the knee. When things get wet and muddy in camp I use them for camp slippers of sort. Dry footwear is a must! (Page 67)

* If you leave camp to hike or fish for the afternoon, lock your valuables up in a vehicle. Two legged wild animals may come into camp and help themselves. (Page 67)

* When pitching camp always look around for dead trees and those with a noticeable lean. Set your tent up well away from projected impact points should a windstorm come up over night. (Page 73)

* Dish soap, hand soap, and the like should be stored separate from food items to protect against accidental spills. It doesn't take much liquid dish soap to ruin everything in a cooler or food box. (Page 77)

* If your pets go to camp with you keep them under control just as you'd do at home. Other campers won't appreciate them running around. Whether in the suburbs or the great outdoors, an obnoxious barking dog is still an obnoxious barking dog. Also most states have regulations concerning dogs at large harassing wildlife. (Page 79)

* Keep a small bottle of chlorine bleach in your camp kitchen. Take a couple of quarts of water and add a teaspoon of bleach. Use this solution to wipe off your cutting boards and prep areas. (Page 85)

* When you pack your duffel always plan on extremes of weather. Though it's been 90 + degrees for three weeks. Be prepared! Leave your rain gear and extra warm clothes at home and just wait, the weather will change for the worse. (Page 97)

* Get your wood and water packed during the daylight hours if at all possible. Trying to navigate with a flashlight in your mouth and your arms full usually results in a preventable accident! (Page 104)

* If possible segregate items by use or refrigeration needs, ie. dry goods, frozen stuff, drinks, and fresh produce. Save leftover spice containers with screw on lids for your camp spices. (Page 107)

* Keep some large plastic garbage bags in your camp kitchen. If it rains they can be pressed into service for rain ponchos and to put items like sacks of charcoal in so they don't get wet. When using garbage bags as rain gear DON'T use them for small children under age 12. (Page 112)

* Make your own fire starting aids. Take a cardboard egg carton and place a tablespoon of sawdust or wood shavings in each indentation. Melt some wax in a tin can and press the top together to form a spout. Pour a little wax over each pile of sawdust. You can tear them apart for individual use. (Page 119)

* Keep a permanent marking pen in your chuck box to mark leftovers and anything not packaged in its original container. (Page 123)

* Keep firewood covered at night if possible. Should it rain during the night the first person up will have an easier time getting the fire going. (Page 124)

* If the weather looks bad, fill a thermos with hot water at breakfast. Should someone go out of a boat or get caught in the rain this along with some instant soup will restore their humor and possibly stall off hypothermia. (Page 132)

* When planning your menus always plan on a little extra and have some emergency rations. An extra canned ham, dried beans and rice will make a great dinner if plans or weather changes to extend your stay. (Page 134)

* When using cast iron cookware be careful not to scrape dried food residue too vigorously with metal spoons and spatulas. If you scratch through the protective coating of the cure you will end up with sticky spots. (Page 157)

* Keep a can handy to pour excess fat into. Don't pour it in the fire ring or out on the ground. (Page 163)

* When possible scrub vegetables such as carrots, potato's, turnips, instead of peeling them. Many of the nutrients in veggies are next to the skin plus the peelings add considerably to your garbage load. (Page 164)

* A Dutch oven can be used as a wok if you have a camp stove which will let the legs of the Dutch oven sit through the grate. This is an easy and delicious stove top meal that will impress your campers. (Page 171)

* If you take pets to camp make sure to put food in for them as well. Don't plan on feeding them table scraps. Pack their food and water dishes also. Unless you've trained your dog to use an outhouse, pack a shovel and save others the chore of scrapping off the soles of their shoes! (Page 174)

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