_Budgets For Camp Cooks

Serves: 5



I suspect if you're reading this you have a personal budget. However, if you have so much money you don't worry about such trivial things, it's my guess you normally purchase books, which cost a lot more than this one did! Let's face it we all have to worry how much things cost. How many people do you know would still go camping if they could afford to get on a wide body jumbo jet and fly to some tropical paradise without mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, etc! Some I'm sure but I'd expect campgrounds to be less crowded just the same!

As with any other endeavor money plays a part. How well we eat when we leave home and head for the woods is not a matter of quantity vs. quality nor is it a matter of good grub vs. barely palatable meals! I believe the investment of some time spent planning and by using common sense, camp cooks can serve delicious and nutritious meals on a reasonable budget. The biggest budgetary trap I see is the dependence on 'convenience' type food items. Notice I said 'dependence and not 'use'! If you looked in my camp kitchen would you see items that fall into the 'convenience' category? Yes! But as someone far wiser than me once said "Moderation in all things!" So how do you cut you grub budget and still keep folks coming back for seconds? Read on! I'm sure you can come up with some of your own cost cutting ideas!

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-Ancient Chinese Proverb

$ TIPS $
* When you shop look for bargains and don't buy something just because it looks good and is ready to eat! If you're buying bacon for instance, buy the 'ends & pieces' package which should save you about a buck a pound.

* Instead of several cases of soda for the kids, mix up powdered soft drinks and freeze them in reusable containers. You save money over the pop and this cuts how much you'll spend for ice.

* Make a batch of stew or chili and freeze ahead of time rather than spend money on canned store bought items. The more you take from home the less you'll spend at the store. This goes for desserts, etc., as well as for main entrée's.
* If there are things you seem to go through at a fast pace buy them in bulk if possible.

* Plan your menus. Don't just head for the market and buy until your coolers are full.

* Take advantage of your leftovers. Let the kids have them for between meals snacks or to tide them over until dinner is ready.

* For extended trips plan to use fresh meat and produce early. Check the dumpsters at a campground sometime to see how many of these items get trashed cause the cook tried to stretch their use over the whole trip.

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