Table Talk: Attention Pumpkin Lovers

Serves: 5



Pumpkins are so versatile! After all, there are hundreds of pumpkin recipes. Amazing dishes ranging from the standard pumpkin pie to intriguing recipes like pumpkin pancakes, soups, chili and pasta. Aside from all these wonderful, versatile recipes using pumpkin, their greatest gift to us is a health benefit. We had fun with pumpkin recipes this month. I hope you enjoy them as much as our family did.

Health Benefits

1. Pumpkins are full of antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory.

2. Pumpkins are high in vitamin C.

3. High in fiber.

4. Contain high levels of potassium and zinc.

5. Vitamin A.

6. Last, but not least, the pumpkin contains L tryptophan which triggers a feeling of well-being.

Pumpkin is good and good for you! Oh yes, bring on the pumpkin dishes!

Enjoy these delicious pumpkin recipes. We would love to know what your favorite pumpkins recipes are. We made an amazing Pumpkin Pie Rolls with Brown Butter Icing. For the recipe, check out our blog at They are amazing!

This Table Talk: Attention Pumpkin Lovers recipe is from the 2013 HomeCook'n Collection Cookbook. Download this Cookbook today.

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