The Ones that Got Away--Costco Edition

One thing you've got to love about Costco, is that they are ALWAYS getting in new products. The downside of this though is that it means you can easily fall in love with something, only to have it ripped from your life without knowing that your last time eating it was truly the last time you might have had that indulgent treat you loved so much. It can be quite painful.

Not to mention that if a family member comes in from another state that is bringing a delicious treat from a far away Costco, by simply tasting it you are running the risk that you might fall in love with it and that your Costco might not carry the same thing. This has happened time and time again to us and the pain is real. 

I don’t know what it is about the Costcos in Utah, but they have the very best treats that you cannot find anywhere else! Take the Belgian milk mint Utah truffles, for example. They are absolutely heavenly and I believe they only carry them in Utah--so rude! But don’t get my mother-in-law started on the fact that they have done away with their combination pizzas in the food court in the Utah Costcos near her ha! She is absolutely devastated and is quite jealous that we still carry the combination pizza here in Southern California (last time I checked--cross my fingers!) 

We were recently stung by some amazing lemon yogurt coated almonds that my husband’s sister brought for us to try from Utah. We instantly fell in love and the emotions quickly changed when we realized we couldn’t buy these same lemon almonds where we lived. This pain is what really got me thinking about this topic and I thought others could relate.

Here are a  couple tips I’ve learned along the way to get you over the pain and struggle of potentially not being able to get your favorite discontinued snacks and treats.

Treat every time like it is the last time. This is good advice in life--and good advice for indulgent snacks as well! :) You savor each and every bite like it is the last time you will ever have it, because it very well might be! 

Become a hoarder (if you are not already) today! If you try something and fall in love with it, it’s probably wise to just head back the same day and get 2 (or10) more! You just never know if and when it will sell out. Oh how I wish we had some of these revered lemon almonds stored away in the pantry!

I just discovered these shortbread raspberry cookies, also from Costco, which are hands-down my new favorite indulgent treat to get from Costco and I am just praying they don’t do away with those ever! If they do I will be so upset because I think they have been making them the last year but I have only just now discovered them so that would be pretty tough in my world.

Trader Joe’s is another store that has several great staple products that people adore and they are also known to be constantly coming up with new products all the time and have plenty of seasonal items so it is very easy to fall in love with a product there only to have it be shortly discontinued.

I am in a Trader Joe’s Facebook group and it seems it is equal parts meal ideas and eulogies for items that they no longer carry ha! People grieve together in the comments section about how great such and such product is and how if they all band together and write letters to the TJ’s headquarters that hopefully they will be able to bring it back and become a permanent staple on their shelves.

What are some of your favorite items from Costco, Trader Joe’s or any grocery store that have either been discontinued or that you pray never will be? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and we will all grieve and get through this together!


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