I Want To Hear Your Pregnancy Cravings Stories!

We all joke about pregnancy cravings- but when you’re the pregnant woman desperately craving something, it’s no laughing matter! The struggle is real!! You’ll have to forgive me for another pregnancy-related article- I’m 36 week pregnant with number 6 in the middle of July heat and there is very little else on my mind!

I think it’s so funny and interesting to hear about other people's craving stories, whether it’s something they craved when they were pregnant, or something their mother craved when carrying them. Or sympathy cravings, as my husband swears is a real thing (he desperately wanted Panda Express’s orange chicken when I was expecting my first).

My first pregnancy, I could not get enough of Welch’s Strawberry-Peach Juice. Even writing this now, I can remember how GOOD it tasted. I also craved Starbursts and Frooties like crazy. Basically anything super fruity and tart was my favorite treat to indulge in! Chocolate just sounded horrible- which is not like me at all!!

My second pregnancy, I wanted all the mashed potatoes and string cheese. A big bowl of mashed potatoes sounded like heaven! (I always laugh at the episode in Parks and Recreation when one of the characters, Ann, is pregnant and says she wants a garbage bag full of mashed potatoes- I hear you, Ann!!).

My third pregnancy I feel like I was all over the place. I would really crave string cheese, and then I would want clementines, and then ice cream- it was never the same. I don’t really remember any particular cravings because it just changed all the time!

My fourth pregnancy I wanted steak and baked potatoes- LOADED baked potatoes. Hamburgers, bacon- if it’s heavy and man food, I wanted it. I laugh looking back now, because my little four year old is ALL boy! He is all about the construction vehicles, wrestling, bugs- and he just loves steak :).

My fifth pregnancy is another pregnancy where a particular craving doesn’t really stand out- I just remember random cravings. Like Little Caesars pizza. I HATE Little Ceasers’s pizza. But one night, it was the only thing I wanted- and man, was it delicious! Of course, the next day I was right back to gagging at the idea of pizza, but that one night it was just heavenly! My husband’s wish came true- for one night ;). Also, dark chocolate. I have never liked dark chocolate, but during this pregnancy I craved it so bad. And now I have developed a very real love for dark chocolate!

My sixth pregnancy, I actually wanted lots of light sandwiches and salads- which is SUPER weird for my pregnancies. Subway and Zupas were my go-to choice for date night at the beginning of this pregnancy. I joked that it must be a girl because I just wanted salad- and here I am pregnant with our third girl :).

I’d love to hear about your pregnancy craving stories! Whether you were the one pregnant, or you have a story about your mom or wife, I’d love to hear them! My mom ate a pound of strawberries a day when she was pregnant with her 5th- and contrary to what you’d think, my little brother actually hates strawberries- isn’t that interesting?? Pregnancy cravings crack me up! Share your stories with us below!

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