How to Keep Iceberg Lettuce CRISP!!

The Solution:

In the '70's my Tupperware rep taught me to run my head of lettuce under hot, hot tap water to rinse it, then when it drained thoroughly, put it in your Tupperware lettuce crisper (which I still have!) and you will have the crispiest lettuce ever. And she was correct....I still do it to this very day. The lettuce is amazingly crisp and also lasts a lot longer too. B.W.

Response from a FREIND:

Yup, I know many people who still have the green lettuce keeper and LOVE it! Wish I had one. Hubby will ONLY eat iceberg lettuce, and then not very often. So, as you know, it gets slimy and brown quickly. I waste so much $ on his lettuce....grrrr. Anyway, per your comment, I think I'll start watching the thrift stores for this nifty tool! A.O.

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