What Do Children Leave Out For Santa Claus Across the World?

QUESTION: What Do Children Leave For Santa Claus, Kris Kringle or Father Christmas Across the World?

COOK’NS TOP 9 ANSWERS - For centuries, children have been leaving out food for Santa and his reindeer, but each country's children honors Father Christmas in their own way.

  1. Milk and Cookies (United States)
    Children in the United States leave milk and cookies for Santa Claus.  While children traditionally left out gingerbread cookies, now it is more common to see children leaving sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies.

  2. Sherry and Mince Pie (United Kingdom)
    This pie has been traditionally served during Christmas time for centuries, and there are recipes dating to the 16th century for it.  While some children leave milk for Santa Claus, it is more common to leave sherry, to help keep him warm as he races across the world.

  3. Guinness and Mince Pie (Ireland)
    The Irish, too, leave out mince pies, but, in true Irish style, they serve up a pint of Guinness for jolly old Saint Nick. 

  4. Personalized Letters (Germany)
    In Germany, Santa takes a little break from the all-night gorging by reading personalized letters left for him.  In the morning, children wake to find their letters gone and presents left instead.

  5. Risengrod Rice Pudding (Denmark)
    In Denmark, children leave out a bowl of risengrod, a special rice pudding made on Christmas Eve. The Danes believe that Nisser and Tomte, two types of magical elves, will cause mischief if the bowl of risengrod is missing.   

  6. Coffee (Sweden)
    Swedish children help Tomte keep awake with a nice strong cup of coffee.

  7. Carrots and Biscuits in Shoes (France)
    In France, children leave carrots for the reindeer and biscuits for Pere Noel in their shoes.  The carrots and biscuits disappear and, in the morning, Pere Noel leaves them candy, cookies, and other small treats!

  8. Hay and Water (Argentina)
    In Argentina, children don't leave anything out for Santa Claus.  However, they leave hay and water for his reindeer by the front door.

  9. Pan de Pascua (Chile)
    Viejo Pascuero (or Old Man Christmas) gets a special treat in Chile where families make him a pan de pascua, a type of fruitcake. This spongy, rich spice cake is flavored with rum and filled with dried fruits and nuts.

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