14 House Plants Anyone Can Grow

One thing I love about spring is the many colors and shades of green that begin to appear. It’s so refreshing and invigorating to look out the window and see trees beginning to bud, grass turning a brighter shade of green, and the beginnings of those early-blooming flowers! It can make it really hard to want to stay indoors- especially to do something as boring as doing dishes ;). But we can bring some of that green inside! And you don’t have to have a green thumb to create beauty around you- just stick with these easy-to-grow houseplants!

Spider Plant. If you can get past the name, these plants are one of the hardiest and most popular houseplants, because they require very little maintenance and are great at adapting to less-than-ideal conditions.

Aloe. This plant’s soil needs to be given time to dry in between watering, which means you can literally go 2 weeks without watering! (The hard part might just be remembering when’s the last time you watered the plant ;) ). It’s also great to have on hand for the summertime, because it’s the perfect way to soothe those painful sunburns.

Snake Plant. A succulent that requires very little care, and adds a nice touch to any kitchen! (Also known as ribbon plant, or mother-in-law’s tongue LOL! ).

Bamboo. My brother gave me a bamboo plant before leaving on a two year service mission, and I was able to keep it alive the entire time he was gone- and that’s a big deal for me ;). It doesn’t need direct sunlight or soil- just plenty of water!

Rabbit’s Ear. Doesn’t it just look so soft and fluffy? And much easier to care for than an actual rabbit! Those little fuzzies actually help the plant to retain water, so it can handle a little less watering ;).

Jade. A beautiful plant that’s not picky about it’s soil and is great at holding a little reservoir of water, and it doesn’t need copious amounts of sunlight, making it a great little plant for your kitchen!

Golden Pothos. (Also known as Devil’s Ivy). Another beautiful plant, it’s fast growing and has a much more flowy look compared to succulents. It can handle too little AND too much water ;). Not only that, it’s an air-purifying plant, and who couldn’t use a little better air quality when slaving away in the kitchen? ;)

Peace Lily. A beautifully unique plant that actually requires more shade than sunlight, making it a great plant to keep in a room that might not get a lot of sunlight.

Dieffenbachia. Also known as Dumbcane, this plant also tolerates low light conditions very well. It also adds a unique beauty with it’s varied green-colored leaves.

Cactus. For obvious reasons, right? ;) It can retain water and handle the heat of a warmer home, so it’s definitely a forgiving plant!

Cast-Iron Plant. This plant is perfect for those of us who have a bit of a brown thumb…. Drought-resistance, not very picky about light (can handle low and high), extreme temperature changes and slow-growing, making it an ideal houseplant.

Philodendron. Another very common house plant- because they are so forgiving! They actually do better with a little bit of dry soil in between watering. They also come in different varieties, so you can find something that suits your taste.

Chinese Evergreen. If you thought you couldn’t grow a plant in your kitchen because it has no windows, think again- the Chinese Evergreen is for you! It doesn’t actually need sunlight, so you can still enjoy some greenery in your kitchen if lighting is a problem.

Air Plants (Tillandsia). These plants are unique because they don’t need soil like your typical potted plant! Just give them a good spritz with a water bottle once a week and you’re good to go!

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