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What NOT To Do If You Have Cook'n Trouble.

The Cook’n app isn’t perfect, just like computers, smartphones, the Internet and all technology aren’t perfect. Because of that, sometimes things go wrong. It’s rare for Cook’n to have problems, but if it does, please remain calm – there’s always a solution, you just need to know how to find it!

When Cook’n users have trouble, I’ve noticed that some accidentally make their problems even harder to fix. This must be incredibly frustrating for them, and it makes me stressed, too. To avoid this fiasco, please check below my top 5 things to NOT do if your Cook’n ever funs afoul.

Skip the FAQ page.

Usually, the best way to solve any problem with Cook’n is to simply check our FAQ page. We are aware of the common problems that Cook’n encounters, and we’ve already provided the instructions to fix them.

Unfortunately, we can’t answer every email immediately, so if you send us a message – especially on the weekend – you’ll have to wait for a solution much longer than you would if you simply checked the FAQ page.

You can find the FAQ page at the link below, or by simply going to, and then clicking on Support.

Reinstall the program.

There’s a myth that if you reinstall your computer program, it will fix all your problems. Unfortunately, this makes some problems even worse. At the very least, it could be unnecessary and time-consuming for you. Before you ever reinstall your program, check the FAQ page or reach out to us at tech support for advice.

Create a new account under a separate email.

Sometimes, users think that to solve their problem, they just need a new Cook’n Cloud account. This is a bad idea for two reasons.

  1. I’ve never created a new account to solve a problem.

  2. If you create a new account, you will lose all your membership benefits.

Instead of creating a new account, check the FAQ page or reach out to us at tech support. We’re happy to help and can offer detailed advice to fix the problem.

Randomly guess at the solution.

Computers are complex machines, and Cook’n is a complex app. If you’re not technically savvy and you decide to fix your Cook’n app on your own, you might cause more problems than you fix. Instead of deleting, adding or changing files to fix your problem, try this:

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Support”

  3. Find the solution to your problem on the FAQ page

  4. If you can’t find a solution, feel free to send me an email!

Jump to conclusions.

Some users might think DVO Enterprises was eradicated by a giant fire-bomb. In reality, their Internet connection was just slow.

The truth is, there could be any number of reasons that you encounter trouble with Cook’n. There might be a bug in the program. But there could also be any number of problems, like a virus on your computer, a hiccup in your internet connection, a disagreement between Cook’n and your computer’s firewall, or a misconfiguration of your computer settings.

If you encounter trouble with Cook’n, don’t panic! Just check the FAQ page.

And in conclusion…

If you ever have trouble with Cook’n, you know what to do: check the FAQ page. If you can’t find solutions there, please reach out to me right away. We’re all on the same team and want to provide the greatest service possible!


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