Deviled Eggs and the Great Mayo vs. Miracle Whip Debate

Deviled eggs make every appetizer platter tastier. But should they be made with mayonnaise or Miracle Whip? It’s debatable, and I have the answer here!


My family is one of those that is divided over a topic that rips a hole into the solid foundation of generations of blood and love.

My father is one of those Miracle Whip supporters. He believes it is better on sandwiches and in things like tuna pasta salad.
His wife is a mayo user. She believes that mayo is better than the Whip, and uses it in her chicken salad and on her sandwiches.

Now when it comes to deviled eggs, dad thinks Miracle Whip makes for a creamer filling. His wife likes a mayo egg. I tend to lean towards mayo for everything, which is weird since I grew up in a Whip household.

What about you and your family? Are you Whip people or mayo people, and do you taunt those who have opposing points of view?

At every picnic from now through Labor Day, there will be two different versions of classic deviled eggs on the table.

There will also be two types of chicken salad, and two condiment options for every sandwich. And the debate goes on…..

One of our Cook'n newsletter readers, Brycen Howard, sent us an email stating this: “For the best deviled eggs substitute half of the mayo in your recipe with Miracle Whip. Everyone loves my secret recipe, even people who do not like Miracle Whip!”

So there you have it!! Enjoy your deviled eggs any which way you choose!


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