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Volume III
October 18, 2013

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How Long is Perfect?

By Sydney Hill

So I found this little diddy in my files, and I think it goes along well with the cooking vegetables article a few weeks back, but this time, we're talking about our grains! Rice and risotto, both go great with almost any meal, most of the world eats it (at least the rice) daily. But, are we cooking it in the best way we can? Rice and risotto will probably taste good no matter what, but if we want it really really good, try these tips.

And if you don't get it perfect right off the bat (or anything else in life), don't stress! No one is perfect, it takes time to learn things. We're here to try and become better people, we'll get there someday if we try. But, no one is perfect yet so don't get upset when something you make doesn't turn out right. Just laugh and try again.


Not cooked long enough: hard, white, centers

Cooked right: Fluffy, separate, tender but still firm to the bite p.s. look for fish eyes (little holes/dents) in the rice when it gets close to being done

Cooked too long: Grains split open or fall apart, texture=mush


Not cooked long enough: Stays soupy or watery instead of creamy

Cooked right: Thickened and creamy, mmm, sounds good just thinking/writing about it

Cooked too long: No longer creamy


Sydney Hill
Weekly Newsletter Contributer since 2012

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