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Volume III
October 26, 2012

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Why Iceberg Doesn't Deserve the Bad Rap.
Throw It Back In That Wrap!

By Sydney Hill

People always said, "Oh. Iceberg is just water", "There's no nutritional value", or "It just adds crunch". This made me feel guilty when I would eat an iceberg lettuce salad, and I just didn't feel okay counting it as a vegetable for the day. Well, I'm here to say that none of the above is true (although it does add a great crunch, doesn't it?). I was thrilled to find that iceberg deserves more credit than it gets. And even though it does have a high water content, water is a must have, so why is that bad?

Iceberg lettuce has extremely essential nutrients such as vitamin A and fiber. It's not that it has whopping amounts, and I'm not saying it's the healthiest lettuce out there, but it's worth eating. I had gotten to the point where I wouldn't even buy it. I didn't want to buy just water; I have water at home. Well, I'm happy to say it's back in my shopping cart!

Below is a chart comparison to Romaine lettuce that I found. Note that the first chart is based solely on weight, while the second is a calorie comparison.

Iceberg Lettuce Nutrition by Weight

Iceberg Lettuce Nutrition by Calorie

So the next time you eat a wrap, don't disregard that iceberg lettuce. Be grateful it's there! It has it's benefits, and it's time to start giving it some credit.

Iceberg lettuce image:
Iceberg lettuce in bowl:

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