Think Outside the Dog -- 10 Kid-Friendly Ideas For The Grill

While we all know how much kids love hot dogs and they are by far the easiest thing to make while you're grilling up your hamburgers, or whatever, on the other half of the grill--but there are so many things that are very kid-friendly and delicious that go beyond the classic hot dog. Here are 10 great ideas for you.

  1. 1. Skewers. Skewers are definitely one of the easiest and tastiest things to make on the grill. They are so dang versatile too! Add whatever fruits or veggies your kids like (or whatever ones you as the parents think they should have ;) ) with some chicken or steak and you have perfect, bite-size pieces to make up a tasty, well-balanced dinner.

  2. 2. Grilled Meatballs. Meatballs are great for the grill because they are super easy to throw together and once again, are bite-sized for convenience. You can grill up some sliced baguettes and you can whip up a perfect meatball sandwich in no time!
  3. 3. Quesadillas. Quesadillas take on a new, smoky flavor profile when cooked on the grill. They are a super easy way to get some veggies in for your kids by adding some corn and zucchini inside the quesadilla and they will love them.
  4. 4. Campfire Potatoes. I love hobo tin foil dinners and I especially love the tender, roast potatoes that come along with them. Make a little tin foil pouch and add small potatoes with butter, garlic, salt and pepper for a great side for any meal that will please the crowds.
  5. 5. Corn on the Cob. This is the ultimate side when it comes to a backyard bbq. This is the one everyone looks forward to. Kids included.

  6. 6. Grilled Pizza or Flatbread. To really get the kids involved you could do individual-sized pizzas and each person can top their own to their liking.

  7. 7. Sliders. Did you know that there are actually little mini patties you can buy at the grocery store to make your own sliders? Combine those with something like a sweet Hawaiian roll for your buns and you are good to go! Your kids with love eating these mini burgers.
  8. 8. Pasta with Grilled Vegetables. Another great idea is just to cook up some veggies on the grilled and combine those with a fresh batch of grains--pasta, quinoa, or rice. Add some butter and fresh herbs and you have a delicious quick meal.
  9. 9. Simple Grilled Chicken. There's no need to make things more complicated than they need to be. Kids do love regular old chicken. Season it well with plenty of garlic and herbs (and try not to overcook it!) and you will have perfect, wholesome meal. You can spatchcck the bird, if you are cooking a whole bird. This means to split open the bird to prepare it gor grilling and it will cook more evenly and quickly.
  10. 10. Grilled Fruit. Don't forget about dessert! There are so many fruits that get even sweeter and caramelized when grilled. Add a warm, grilled peach or apricot to a bowl of vanilla ice cream and everyone will be in heaven!

What are you favorite things to cook on the grill besides hot dogs that kids love? Please share in the comments below.


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