First Day of School Breakfast- Start the Morning With These Fun Ideas!

It's almost time for the first day of school, and there's always a lot of mixed feelings! Some relief, some sadness, some trepidation, some hope at a fresh new start. As a kid, I did really well in school. For the most part, the start of a new school year was something I really looked forward to! That changed in junior high- I no longer looked forward to school, and instead spent the night before the first day crying myself to sleep. The joys of being a teenager, right?

Whether your child is excited for the upcoming school year or dreading it, you definitely want to start on a good note! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and on that first day of school this is especially true! While it can be hard to get out the door on time, make a special effort for that first day to set the alarms early so you have plenty of time to enjoy breakfast before starting on your busy day! And while serving any kind of breakfast is a good start, there are some things you can do to make it just a little more special and really give your children a fabulous start to their day!

*Eat together. It's so hard to get everyone at the table at the same time, but it would be a great idea to make this extra effort for the first day. This allows everyone to feel connected, like they have a group of people that support and love them before heading off for that nerve-wracking first day!

*Make a favorite breakfast! Cold cereal is convenient, but why not put those cooking skills to use for this special first day? Sprinkle or chocolate chip pancakes, overnight french toast, an egg and sausage casserole- make something a little out of the ordinary, and something all your kids love!

*Buy a fun breakfast. If you just don't have the time or energy to whip up a huge homemade breakfast, there are plenty of fun options that are a little more convenient! Donuts, poptarts, a favorite sugar cereal, yogurt parfaits- while these aren't always the healthiest or cheapest options, go ahead and splurge a little for this special occasion!

*Pack some protein. The fastest way to guarantee a breakdown from my children is let them get hangry! If you have a fun sugar-filled breakfast, make sure that everyone gets a string cheese, yogurt, eggs, nuts- some kind of healthy protein that will help keep that hunger at bay! It's not a bad idea to send some snacks with your child as well!

*Write a sweet note. Whether your child is skipping or sagging out the door, a small note from mom or dad to remind them that they're loved is never a bad idea. You could start a tradition of writing a lengthy, heart-filled letter each year, and put it by their place setting at the breakfast table. (You could also send it in their lunch as a sweet midday pick-me-up).

*Have a fun table setting. Even if you serve a simple breakfast, presentation can make all the difference! Blow up some balloons, spread confetti, litter the table with pencils and apples- if it looks like a party, it'll feel like one too!

*Make schultutes. Every year, I like to make my children a schultute- a German tradition. It's basically a cone full of goodies for the new school year! I put in a few small candies, as well as new pencils, post-it notes, crayons, and any other fun school supplies we might need. They've never been fancy or expensive- I literally make them from construction paper- but my kids absolutely love them! And it's a fun way to kick off the new year! Present them at the breakfast table and you're sure to get a smile! Even if you don't go the schultute route, a small new box of crayons is enough to brighten any young child's day!

These are just a few ideas to start your morning off on a good start. I'd love to hear from you guys! Is the start of a new school year cause for celebration or sadness at your house? Do you have any fun back-to-school traditions? I'd love to hear them!


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