3 Foods to Help You Get Rid of that Unwelcome Christmas Present

Christmas is past and now you’re trying to get rid of that one most unwanted present. Well, maybe the second most unwanted present behind that As-Seen-On-TV Egg Genie you got last year. Seriously Aunt Janice, I don’t eat hard-boiled eggs enough to warrant an electric cooker. In fact, I don’t know anyone who does.

What I’m talking about is the gift of a couple extra LBS that the ten gallons of eggnog and the three dozen sugar cookies gave you.

Now you have decided to take the next logical step, which is making a new year’s resolution that you will run five days a week until you have gotten down to a good weight. Good for you! No, seriously. Even if it is just a temporary New Year’s Resolution, any time you work to better your health is great. But how can you get the most out of your running?

I interviewed Jasmyn Hildebrandt, a running and nutrition professional, to see what the best foods you can consume to keep resolute to your resolution.

The first food she suggested was quinoa. Yes, that strange little health food that you never know if you’re pronouncing it correctly, let alone spelling it correctly. “Quinoa is really good for runners.” she said. It is high in protein for the muscles, rich in iron and manganese for the blood and it will provide you energy for those long, arduous runs.

If you’re like many people I know, it is hard to wake up and run when your stomach is growling for morning sustenance. How can you go running when your belly pines for a large bowl of cereal? Well, bananas are your answer! Jasmyn says, “Bananas are high in potassium and easy on the stomach, so you can really just eat a banana and go run.”

The final food recommendation is yogurt. One of my favorites. Strawberry banana yogurt is da bomb! Jasmyn recommends eating a yogurt after running because yogurt has good carbs and protein that will help you recover faster and be ready for the rest of the day. Remember to have a snack 30 minute after running and have a meal within 90 minutes to optimize your nutrition intake!

These are three easy and tasty foods that you can eat to help you get rid of that second-most unwelcome Christmas present. No need to go start blending that disgusting green sludge or start starving yourself. Good luck on your wellness journey and happy New Year. Now, where did that egg cooker go. I really have a hankering for a egg salad sandwich.


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