Help For the Picky Eater

Many parents have a problem of getting their kids to eat foods. I know some kids that will only eat chicken nuggets, hot dogs and mac & cheese. There is a wide world of food out there that they are missing out on. But no matter how hard you try, they still won’t eat that delicious baked salmon or homemade meatloaf.

Here’s something you can try, get their favorite TV/movie characters to show them how delicious other foods can be! Remember that meatloaf you made and your little tyke decided it would be better on the wall than in his belly? Well why not show that Mr. Incredible and Elastagirl make it in Disney’s The Incredibles. What kid wouldn’t want to eat the same food as Mr. Incredible!

There are a smattering of websites that make mock recipes of foods shown in movies and TV shows that your kids love. As a shameless plug, I run one ( ) where I make all the food shown in Disney movies. There are tons of great recipes in there that your kids would love to try. There are other sites like, and youtube channels like that have recipes from not only movies, but books, TV shows and video games.

Here’s a great recipe from Disney’s Tangled that your kids will love. It is Rapunzel’s favorite (taken from ).

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